Major Contributors

The Lancaster Scholarship Foundation appreciates all financial contributions. The scholarships we present would not be possible without the financial support of friends and family of Lancaster, Wisconsin, high school students and alumni.

Thank You to these major contributors to the Lancaster Scholarship Foundation:

Mark and Jean Adams Family

Ted and Helen Anderson

R.J. and Esther Becker Family

Norma Coulthard Family

Randy Freymiller

Leo and June Hahn Family

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Haskins

Jim Hoehl

Guy and Kitty (Burr) Huff, Music

Guy and Kitty (Burr) Huff, Service

Carol Lemanski

Peggy Morse

Carl and Bernice Muench Family

Stan Noble Family

Nell Schleicher Family

Roger Van Natta Family

Norma “Bud” Vesperman

Richard and; Barb Meyer Wiest

Inez Williams

Wisconsin Bank & Trust